Transform your lead generation process with our CRM software’s dynamic forms feature. Easily create and customize forms that seamlessly integrate with your website, landing pages, and other online touchpoints. Our user-friendly form builder allows you to design engaging and responsive forms tailored to your specific needs, whether for lead capture, event registration, or customer feedback. With automated data entry, form submissions are instantly recorded in the CRM system, eliminating manual input and reducing the risk of errors. Gain valuable insights into customer interactions, track form submissions, and use the data to personalize your communications and marketing efforts. Streamline your data collection process and enhance your customer relationship management with our CRM software’s versatile forms feature, designed to optimize lead generation and foster meaningful connections with your audience.


Gain valuable insights into customer opinions and preferences with our CRM software’s integrated survey feature. Effortlessly design, distribute, and analyze surveys directly within the CRM platform to gather meaningful feedback and data. Customize surveys to match your brand and tailor questions to specific objectives, whether it’s measuring customer satisfaction, conducting market research, or collecting employee feedback. With real-time analytics, track survey responses and trends, empowering your team to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. The seamless integration of surveys into our CRM software ensures that customer feedback becomes a central part of your data-driven decision-making process. Elevate your understanding of customer sentiment, improve products and services, and enhance overall customer satisfaction with our CRM software’s robust survey capabilities.

Email marketing

Transform your email marketing strategy with our CRM software’s powerful and integrated email marketing capabilities. Our platform provides a comprehensive solution for designing, executing, and analyzing email campaigns directly within the CRM environment. Craft visually appealing and targeted email campaigns with our intuitive email editor, and leverage personalized content to engage your audience. The seamless integration with customer data allows you to segment your audience based on specific criteria, ensuring that your emails are tailored to individual preferences. Track email performance metrics, including opens, clicks, and conversions, and gain valuable insights into customer interactions. With automation features, you can set up drip campaigns, automated responses, and personalized workflows, streamlining your email marketing efforts. Elevate your communication strategy, nurture leads effectively, and drive conversions with our CRM software’s robust email marketing capabilities.

Social media planner

Optimize your social media strategy with our CRM software’s integrated social media planner. Streamline your content creation and scheduling process by planning and organizing your social media posts in advance. Our platform allows you to create a centralized calendar for scheduling posts across various social media platforms, ensuring a consistent and well-coordinated online presence. Tailor your content to specific audiences, set posting schedules, and monitor engagement metrics, all from within the CRM environment. With collaborative features, your team can efficiently plan and execute social media campaigns, enhancing coordination and maximizing impact. Elevate your social media planning, save time, and amplify your brand’s visibility with our CRM software’s comprehensive social media planner.

GMB Call Tracking

Boost your business insights and optimize customer interactions with our CRM software’s Google My Business (GMB) call tracking feature. Effortlessly integrate GMB call tracking to gain a comprehensive view of customer engagement and communication. Monitor and analyze calls directly within the CRM system, attributing them to specific GMB listings and marketing efforts. This feature enables you to track the effectiveness of your GMB strategy, understand customer preferences, and identify high-performing marketing channels. With real-time call analytics, you can make informed decisions to enhance customer experiences and refine your marketing approach. Elevate your local business visibility, measure campaign success, and gain actionable data with our CRM software’s GMB call tracking feature, offering a powerful tool for maximizing the impact of your online presence.

Google Analytics Integrations

Supercharge your data-driven decision-making with our CRM software’s seamless integration with Google Analytics. Gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, website traffic, and marketing performance by connecting your CRM platform directly to Google Analytics. This integration enables you to centralize crucial insights within the CRM environment, providing a unified dashboard for a holistic view of customer interactions. Track website visits, monitor conversion rates, and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns—all from one centralized location. With synchronized data, you can align your CRM activities with your broader analytics strategy, ensuring that every decision is backed by accurate and up-to-date information. Elevate your analytics capabilities, optimize your marketing efforts, and drive business growth with our CRM software’s robust Google Analytics integration.

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